A Revolutionary Material

Graphene Hive is a dynamic manufacturing facility partnered with MIT to mass produce graphene and bring to light the endless opportunities in this revolutionary material.

Graphene Membrane is a┬árevolutionary material used in desalination plants and the testing of water. This multi-layered membrane filter, made from graphene oxide, filters out sodium chloride from seawater – effectively and quickly.┬áIn terms of anti-fouling membranes for effective water desalination, the development of graphene membranes has become the hot new topic research and this new material is only starting to reveal it vast potential within so many avenues of application.

Graphene Provides endless opportunities and is revolutionizing many aspects of medical science

The Global water crisis calls for action. Although there are a variety of strategies to bring water to communities in need, an array of factors need to be taken into consideration. Desalination and the use of refined technology can help solve the water crisis in South Africa and other parts of the world.

Graphene Hive