About Us

About Us

Our unique ability and dynamic technical team will manufacture and blend Graphene to create an array of new opportunities.

Graphene Hive is a new disruptive high-tech company producing and transforming Graphene for various valuable commercial applications. Our innovative technology allows for the manipulation of large-scale graphene sheets adapted for desalination and chemical extraction membranes down to their singular components, ideal for Active pharmaceutical ingredients production (API).

Our membrane will also significantly reduce greenhouse gasses, requiring 30-55% less energy consumption to produce potable water. The actual manufacturing of the membrane is low in the carbon-emitting process.

Graphene Hive has created a future in emerging technologies connecting our leading-edge success in graphene-based technology to industry. Through our processing of graphene sheets, Graphene Hive has developed the ability to alter the structure, core frame, and functionality of Graphene, creating molecular sieves and other products for industry.

Meet the Team

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Mr. Gary Flax, CEO

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Dr. Cherie Kruger, COO

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Mr. Bradley Jones, CFO

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Prof. Piran Kidambi, COO

Current Position

Graphene has reached a point of maturity where it is ready to expand into industrial applications. Graphene Hive has reached a point where we have proof of concept and need to progress into large-scale manufacturing and production.

Cape Town, South Africa, is where we plan to establish the first-of-its-kind manufacturing facilities. The factory will have its own developmental laboratory, coordinating research with experts from Vanderbilt University USA. These mutual product developmental efforts will lead to the manufacture and creation of innovative novel products for industrial supply relevant to the industry's needs. The facilities are to be “state of the art”.  The plant will produce membranes for desalination, water purification, water processing, and other custom-made advanced membranes to process chemical, gas, and medical natural plant extracts.

Unlike traditional membrane manufacturing, Graphene Hive can utilize a host of nano-sized shaped grids and controlled pore sizes to produce novel membranes. The membranes can be customized for each application and meet the desired properties specified, such as hydrophobic or self-cleansing surfaces. 

The term "Ultra-Purification” is appropriate to our business: we can process plant extracts and selected chemicals, right down to the molecular level of the chosen component or singular molecule. Our results indicate that our nanocomposites membranes potentially allow for less-toxic, biocompatible processing, and are useful for bio applications or direct medical use that is already approved by the FDA in the field of medical science for oncology drug development – a significant opportunity that can be realized in the medium term.

Our method of graphene molecular sieve based extraction would compliment other natural plant extraction pharmaceutical companies and accelerate  extracting and purifying drug compounds to single isolates, at a lower cost with ease and simplicity.

Graphene Nanocrystals

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