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A company founded with the sole purpose of providing replacement, as well as new complementary medical drugs to treat life-threatening diseases using pioneering technology and utilization of unique materials as well manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, medical plant extracts, improving vaccine production efficiency and purity (isolating mRNA) to produce highly sought after chemically pure proteins. Our Nano purification will improve efficacy and reduce possible side-effects due to the quality controls of the final product.

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It is a well-known fact that throughout the world, countries are

increasingly concerned with their supply of fresh drinking water. There is becoming a huge demand for water processing such as desalination but current processes have multiple draw backs. Graphene Hive’s desalination membranes will have significant improvements over existing membranes. Our

membranes will have scientifically documented innovative properties and attributes, making them a world-first for the industry.


Investment and Funding

We are actively looking for support from both the private and public sector.

We have limited opportunity for preferential investors in round A.